Hi! I'm Caitlin Hunter, the designer and creator of Boyland Knitworks. I live deep in the Oregon forest with my husband, our three little boys and a pile of assorted animals. At the moment I am the only female of any species living on our property, I'll bet you can guess where the name "Boyland" came from!

I have been a designer and artist all my life, and worked for apparel design company before becoming a stay-at-home mom when our twins arrived. Now that our youngest is reaching school age, I am putting my designer hat back on, designing knitting patterns for the new generation of knitters. 

I believe in knitting as an antidote to our instant-gratification world, and l love designing garments and accessories that can be treasured for a lifetime and longer. 

I feel that knitting is like any challenge in life- just take it one row at a time and you will be surprised at what you can accomplish! 


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