I've just posted a new pattern in my Ravelry shop- the Fidaz hat features a lovely lace pinecone pattern and a chevron rib brim. Knit in Vulpine DK by Little Fox Yarn in the color Into the Woods, this merino/cashmere/nylon blend is the ultimate in durable luxury!

I was so inspired by the amazing color Aimee created for this yarn, it brought to mind the beautiful forests of the tiny mountain village where I spent a year abroad in high school. Fidaz (pronounced fee-dats) is an ancient Romansch town where the cows outnumber the people, and farmers yodel from the hilltops to call their herd home. I imagined the blue-green branches of the conifers and the tiny, precious pine cones which dotted the floor on the paths where I walked near the town, and the crystalline waters of the nearby lake Caumasee

Caumasee- image by  Adrian Michael

Caumasee- image by Adrian Michael